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So I had this journal...

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I remembered I had this journal that I used to write some of the craziest shit in. and when I say crazy I mean wild af. 😳But I burned that shit and I now I am mad af about it because the things I wrote about in there would have been perfect for this, But its okay I remember most of it anyway. But I literally hid that shit all the time because I was SCARED of somebody finding it and reading it lmao. Like if someone would have read that damn book y'all would look at me like I lost my damn mind. Well I actually did haha

I wrote stuff in there i never told anyone about, or if i did tell someone i did not tell them the fully story. I would leave a few MAJOR details out to make myself seem like I wasnt crazy. 🤭

Anyone else do that?

Cant tell you how many guys I wrote about that I thought I was in love with.🥴 Sheessshh little did I know id come to realize they were trash the whole time.

We will cover all of that though dont worry

I really am mad I burned that damn thing now. 🙄So many juicy stories. Like I said Ill try and recall them as best as I can.

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