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Queen of Procrastination

Anyone else just can’t seem to get things done on time?

Do you have a terrible time doing the things that say you’re going to do? “I’m going to start going to the gym” “ I am going to read an hour everyday" Projects around the house you keep putting off til next weekend.

That new work out plan you saved to your Pinterest boards that you keep saying you'll start on Monday.

Whatever it is, let me tell ya. You're not alone. Sometimes I feel like the fucking queen of procrastination.

i always say I’ll going to start so many things but then somehow just never get around it. I find myself making excuses as to why I didn’t get it done or why I haven't started yet.

There are other moments when I look deeper into the situation I realize its fear that is holding me back. I feel like I won’t be good at it, or that I won’t do it right. For example this website. I created this almost one year ago and there are times I should have been working on it but I wouldn't. I then blame it on work or a busy schedule. But in reality instead of sitting on tik tok for 2 fuckin hrs I could have been working on it. I was afraid that my website wouldn’t be successful or people wouldn’t like it but how could I possibly know that if I don’t even try? If I didn't complete it and at least give myself a chance then yeah I just set myself up for failure.

Failure.. the biggest fucking fear known to man.

Not saying that your procrastination will always stem from fear. Sometimes we are just lazy as fuck.

But what I am saying is that there are times that I will continue to put something off because of the that constant voice in my mind that tells me ill suck and that I might as well quit while I'm ahead... and I fucking listen. As I mentioned the website for example. But even with my weight.

My weight has always been a constant struggle. I cant tell you how many times ive started a new workout plan, or ill start my fast then fuck it up 2 days later. I go to the gym once and then i never go back. Im going to mexico soon and you would think that would have been all the motivation i needed but for some reason I keep fucking it up. I dont know maybe i just need to stop thinking so much.. I also know that i need to get over the fear that people are watching me. I dont know about you but I stay in my head when im in there and i feel like people will make fun of me (i know they arent). Like why? why do i do this to myself ? Why cant i just become addicted to staying in shape like every one else? what is it going to take? When will i finally say enough is enough?

Who knows but i know for sure i will have my break through with it. Hopefully with everything finally coming together for me itll happen.

Hope you weren't looking for an answer on how to get over the fear of failure because I have no fuckin clue but when you find out. Let me know.

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