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I'm gonna be a Mutha

So I've been incredibly MIA lately specially the last 4 months because life has hit me with so many crazy wonderful changes, But one big one in particular. I AM PREGNANT! Let me tell you I was shook to the core when I found out because it was the last thing I ever expected to happen. After many scares and negative tests taken during a whirlwind of paranoia, it was finally positive. We were not trying but at the same time we weren’t exactly being careful either so there was always a chance.

On February 7th, it was just another casual day at home, I was relaxing in the bedroom while chad was in the living room working. I believe it was around his lunch time and he came into the bedroom and brought be salad. Now knowing our greedy dog Boosie was going to sit there and beg while I was eating, chad went over to him and told him to leave the room, but he refused of course which wasn’t out of the norm. Chad proceeded to try and get him out but Boosie wouldn’t budge, at this point he was taking his reluctance too far. Chad goes to grab him by the collar to move him out and Boosie looses his damn mind and started to snap and chad had to strong arm his ass out the room. Im sitting there watching this and my brain immediately goes to this video I seen on Tik Tok, about how this woman’s dog knew she was pregnant before she did and talked about the dogs behavior and reactions to things, then something told me to get my ass up and go take a test. I tell chad “Uhm I have to poop so don't come in the bathroom please” didn’t mention anything about me taking the test because I believed that just like any other time, its just my paranoia speaking and I'm not actually pregnant. Welp ya girl was WRONG! I peed on that stick and it read positive instantly but I set it down just in case it needed time to “cool off” to change to negative. After a couple minutes I picked it up again and sure enough. It was still positive. Y’all I started shaking in my boots, started getting the sweats, my mind start racing, straight into panic mode. What was I going to tell chad? How was I going to tell him? What was I going to tell my mom?What do I say to myself? What the hell is happening to me? Is this real life? I frantically call Shyianna, I had no idea what to do. So I decided I have to just tell chad now. I couldn’t hide it because he would know right away that something was wrong with me. I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a plan. So I just did the next best thing, sucked it up set up my phone and turned on the video camera then began recording. This wasn’t the way I envisioned telling him he was going be a dad but also not the way I thought I was going to find out I was pregnant either. So I went to go grab him then the rest is history. Also not this man thinking I was going to show him my poop in the damn toilet so he didn’t want to follow me in the bathroom…just nasty what the hell. Anyway it took him a while to process naturally but all we could do was be happy at the end of the day. Nervous but happy. Our lives changed instantly.

I wondered why January was such a hellish month, I started a new job, then hurt my back during the training of my new job, then after 2 years of dodging it I got COVID, and was sick and throwing up during that, on top of then dealing with drama and the loss of a friendship, the stress was just piling on. I didn't understand what the hell was going on. So much so that I didn't realize I missed my period. But Ive come to realize that certain doors had to be closed so this one could open. We may not understand why things happen the way they do but to know it was all meant to be at the end of the day is all the reasoning we need.

Being a mom was dream I never thought would come true and here I am living it and growing our little human. A baby boy.

February 7th- Found out I was pregnant

February 8th- My pregnancy was confirmed.

May 7th - Found out I get to be a Boy Mom

Today is May 11th and I am 18wks and 5 days along.

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