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How did I get so lucky? Pt 1.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

So i am moving back to Texas in a week and I am in the packing process and thats exactly what it has been, a process. My friends have offered to help me and I've found myself declining not because i don't want their help because i do. I just know the moment they step inside my room and the packing tape begins to unravel it’ll all hit me. I am leaving them. Again. I know it's not like I wont ever see them again, its just I wont see them everyday, we cant just drive to each others homes to have our " Therapy and Chill" sessions when one of us is going through it. Shelbe isn’t going to look me in the eye say “ Vic you're killing it man” or “ you got this” and give me her intuitive motivations to keep me going. Sitting back and reminiscing about our wild days and drunken tequila nights. Shandra isn’t going to brighten my days by bringing my nieces over so I can spend time with them, or making my days more interesting when we both debate each other about something stupid then realizing in the end that we are both wrong and don't know what the hell we are talking about so we look at each other then burst into laughter.

I could go on and on about these girls and that’s exactly what I am going to do. As I sit here with tears running down my face I wanted to share just a little of the love I have for you bitches. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

( its slideshow 👇🏽)

So here is my letter to you


Thank you for always remaining true. Your loyalty is unmatched, and like any other. You're there whenever I need you most and continue to have my back in any given situation, even when your livelihood is at risk. The day my time ended at rios and just how quickly you chose to quit too without hesitation meant more to me thank you’ll ever know. I already knew we would have each others backs but in this moment, you could have chosen to stay because you need money to take care of your family but you didn’t. You chose me and you stood my side. That is something I will never forget. You blessed me with my beautiful nieces and soon to be nephew and that is such a big blessing. In the midst of that you have been busting your ass trying to create a life for you and your babies. You endured so much pain, that you make most people quit and give up. But you turned that pain into power and now we are just weeks away from your pinning ceremony and not far away from your graduation. You fuckin did it mama. Your broken heart fueled you to keep pushing and your getting closer and closer to your breakthrough. DON’T STOP, because I need you to move to Texas. :) I am proud of the amazing mother you are.

Your Rider or Die for life,



Bro look at us. Look at you. You’re fuckin married to the love of your life. You're stronger than ever and one of the most gracious souls to touch this earth. You have become so confident in yourself and who you are and no one can ever change that. Even when you feel a sense of doubt and you question if you’re being a good wife or a good auntie/mom , remember that this is your first rodeo , there are no instructions to this and you are doing that best you can. And to me, you’re doing the damn thing. Thank you for always being there. For always making yourself available when you have a kid and a husband at home. Thank you for the shared laughs and the exchange of looks with the unspoken mutual agreement that we should just eat and smoke instead of interacting with people. Id run away from bees with you and Morty any day. Damn fuckin Morticia (did I spell it right) I’m gonna miss that goof.

Anyway, I am so thankful to have you back in my life. We had to grow apart so we could all grow together and as much as it hurt before I can actually feel appreciation for our distance now. Because it made us better. More dedicated to one another. Now we can conquer anything.

I love you so so much .

Bucks buddies for lyfe.

Vic 💖

Obviously this isn’t the end but only the beginning of this journey. I just wanted to thank you guys for being my sisters. For always supporting me and loving me unconditionally. You love for me is more than i could have asked for. Ive said it a million times, but I am excited for us and our individual journeys. But while they are still their our own we still get to share them together. Jersey Shore family vacation but Like our version?? I think that sounds like a blast in glass. Get it? Well shelbe got it I’m sure. Anyway, I love you guys more than you know.

Alright who needs wants a shot after all that?

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