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Dear New Me

Every year when Dec 31st approaches and nears the start of a new year, we all gather these lists of goals we refer to as "Resolutions" where we are supposed to begin these new things and make changes in our lives to become better versions of ourselves. For many of us these resolutions are, losing weight, beginning new diets, getting in the gym, coming up with plans to save money, travel, and the list goes on. There is an excitement that we carry to create these new habits, we come up with plans, and create lists. While we do it the first 2 days, somewhere in there we fall off and return back to our old habits. We go back to what we know is “Familiar”. We run back to our comfort zones and make excuses as to why it didn’t work out for us, and why we didn’t accomplish these goals we were once so excited about. Believe me I am the first to admit this is me every year. Of course life happens and sometimes it hits us so hard we forget about all these goals because we have to figure out how to get out of this current situation. But what about when we do?

Why don't we ever go back to that piece of paper or that journal we wrote in? Do we not feel the same as we did before? Did our confidence escape us?

I cant tell you how many journals I have that have the same goals written inside of them and I've accomplished none of them.

If I know this is something that I want, when do I reach the breaking point and just get it done? How many years are going to go by where I'm writing the same thing but doing nothing to change it? How many years have to go by before I actually put my best foot forward and accomplish these things regardless of what happens in the midst of it all. Id always ask myself these questions over and over again and some how still come up with excuses, and convince myself that I was a failure and I just wasn’t meant to have those things in life. Then I realized the only way to get my answers was to look inside myself and find the answers. We are our only obstacle in this life. We have to decided when enough is enough and that goes for everything in our lives, bad relationships, friendships, horrible jobs. It's up to us to break the cycles.

So we need a line drawn in the sand, a line that separates the past from the present. That line represents a promise we make to ourselves to stop settling for the familiar just because we failed 6 times. We have to get up on the 7th try or even the 20th and keep trying until we succeed.

A way I plan to keep this promise to myself is in this letter :

Dear Me,

You are no longer bound by your past and the failures that come with it. You are no longer going to be held back by fear of failure. You can and will become everything you envisioned and more. You walked through hell so you can walk on clouds full of blessings and new opportunities. You will have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and create the visions inside of your mind. You are blessed in a new relationship with a man filled with so much love, you can now let go of all past insecurities of not being good enough. Your failures do not define you. You know what you want and you're going to have it. Believe it. Do not stop until you have it all, and even when you do, keep going. Push for more. You have broken the chains and nothing can hold you back now. The days of searching for yourself through insecurities is over. You know who you are and what you have to offer. You are continuously growing and learning. Always be thankful for the life you have, don't complain when things get bad, pray, create a plan and continue on.

This is your time.

I love you, I love me. We love us.

Victoria Cheyenne Rivera

I challenge you do to the same. Write a short letter to yourself in the comments, I will save them all, Note the date then in 3-6 months from today , lets see revisit and see how far we have come together.

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